Using Spreadstone Mineral Select to Coat Tile Countertop Surfaces

Ceramic tile countertops offer homeowners many benefits, however, they can become dirty and cracked with age.  Instead of incurring the cost of completely redoing the countertops, homeowners have an option to update them to look like granite with Daich Coatings’ Spreadstone Mineral Select.

Using this product will coat the entire tile and prevent water penetration (and potential damage) in the future.   Spreadstone Mineral Select is a great choice for your tile countertops because it has excellent long-term durability with both heat and stain resistance and is a cost-effective way to get a new countertop.

Coating your tile countertop surfaces with Spreadstone Mineral Select is an effective process that creates the look of a granite slab.  If you have tile countertops that were installed years ago and are looking a little worse for the wear, our coating is a great way to replace them with a durable strong surface that has the appearance and elegance of real granite.  You can undo years of wear and tear in one weekend.

Spreadstone is a mix of combined stone ingredients and comes in 10 natural stone colors to choose from.  The finished look gives the elegance of speckled granite that homeowners love.  It offers a high level of performance that will last for several years.

Applying the Coating

The easy 3 part process is accomplished with fast and easy roller applications:  Base Coat, Stone Coat, and Clear Top Coat.  Follow these easy steps to get the best results:

  1. Make sure the tile countertop is clean of any dust, debris, wax, or grease that may keep the sealer from penetrating the tiles. Use a damp cloth and multi purpose cleaner and let the surfaces dry completely.
  2. Protect your cabinets, sink, and walls by masking off any part that meets with the countertop surfaces, just as you would if you were painting.
  3. The first step is to apply the base (or primer) coat with the roller. Use long even strokes to distribute the product evenly. Tip:  Wait 30 minutes between the two base coats.
  4. Apply two uniform coats of the decorative stone mix with the roller. You can use the brush for hard-to-reach areas.  Since this product is water-based, there is no need to rush. Tip:  Use a repetitive, crisscross pattern for the best appearance.  Let cure for 24 hours.
  5. Refine the stone finish by sanding. Your goal should be to scratch the entire surface.  This helps to expose the stone’s granite-like finish.  Vacuum the dust from sanding and wipe down with a damp cloth.
  6. The last step is applying the clear coat with the roller.  Apply a second coat after 4 hours.  Wait 24 hours before using your countertops, and use lightly for the next subsequent 7 days.  Once you are finished, your sealed countertops will last a few years.

Cost Savings

Redoing a kitchen is one of the highest cost renovations in a home, and yet one of the most-used rooms in a house.  If you want to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money, coating the tile countertop is one way to refresh the look of the entire room.  Those who are on a renovation budget but like the look of natural stone will find this alternative to be a good choice.

If you want to change the look of your entire kitchen in just one weekend, and at an affordable cost, Daich Coatings’ Spreadstone Mineral Select is the way to go.  To see all of our coating color options, visit our website at

Gary Sullivan on SpreadStone

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Review: Mineral Select 1 qt. Natural White Countertop Refinishing Kit

Recently a satisfied customer (Chicagoland)  left a review at Home Depot about Daich’s SpreadStone Mineral Select – along with images. Thought we’d share it here:

I love my new countertops. This was an easy project and I highly recommend it. My original laminate counters were held together with tape on the backsplash in several areas, so I decided to pull the laminate off (see the before pictures) and this product adhered just fine to that exposed wood.

My biggest concern when purchasing this product, after reading all of the great reviews, was what the color would really look like. It’s hard to know what the final result will look like when there aren’t any samples in the store so all you can go on is an image on your computer screen. I picked “natural white” (my cabinets are painted Benjamin Moore “mascarpone”) and I’m happy with the way they turned out (to my eye they have a slight brownish tinge) so if you’re a little flexible with colors just go with your gut and do this.

Buy an orbital sander if you don’t already own one. Preferably one with an okay dust collection filter system as this is a messy project. You need to sand quite a bit to get the full “mineral” sparkly effects. Sanding well makes all the difference to the final result. Hand sand the edges – I took a little too much off an edge and had to patch. My other advice would be to retape a few times.

I taped three times after reading quite a few reviews (thank you) that talked about how hard it was to remove the painters tape at the end (removed my original tape about thirty minutes after the first stone coating was applied, retaped and then removed that about thirty minutes after the second stone coat was applied, and then taped again before applying the final gloss). I taped around my sink, and it was fine. No need to remove the sink if you tape well.

Pick your color and take the plunge!

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Fan DIY Project: Resurfacing a laminate counter top with SpreadStone

Kevin and Christy Coleman Skiles – shared their experience resurfacing their counter top with Spreadstone on our Facebook page and we’re sharing their pictures here as well.

“Just resurfaced our laminate countertops using Daich Coatings Spreadstone in Slate. We love the end results! Super easy to apply by following clear instructions and watching the included DVD instructional video.”


before counter top makeover
The kitchen counter top before the makeover.


counter Daich Coatings Primer
The counter top taped and primed.


Daich Coatings SpreadStone coating
The application of Daich Coatings SpreadStone in the Slate color


Daich Coatings 1-2-3 steps
The 1-2-3 steps of Daich Coatings’ Spreadstone


Daich Coatings counter top coating
Completed counter closeup with SpreadStone in Slate


Daich Coatings SpreadStone
The before and after counter top project using Daich Coatings Spreadstone

Can Spreadstone be used on Integral Sinks?

We had a recent online question that we’d like to share here too.

Hi, we purchased the SpreadStone for our bathroom countertop and the sinks are integrated into the counter. Can the Spreadstone be applied to the sink? And if so, do we need to apply some sort of waterproofing? Thanks!

–Katie Gruesbeck Roseberry

Yes, you can apply it to the sink on an integrated countertop.

Use extra coating and sealer for the water prone areas. Optionally, you can apply our bonding primer (Elastolock) which comes in a quart. Use this primer before the first step, to bond to the tile and allow the coating to bond into the rubber well.


An example of an integral sink before applying SpreadStone.
The integral countertop after the application is complete.

Integral sinks are made from the same material as the countertop they are set into. The effect is the seamless appearance of a smooth transition from sink to surface. … The lack of a seam between the sink and countertop does make cleaning significantly easier. You can retain the same effect by coating the whole sink with SpreadStone

One Spreadstone kit and a few days later – an “amazing transformation”

Deborah Ott, a Daich Coating fan, used our Spreadstone Countertop Refinishing Kitchen. Almost a year, a few holidays, and crafting projects later….looks and is performing great! One kit, 4 days, amazing transformation.

She told us on Facebook that, “almost a year, a few holidays, and crafting projects later…. [the countertop] looks and is performing great! One kit, 4 days, amazing transformation.”

Deborah Min-Wax Gel Stained her oak cabinets, did the countertops and hardware. She said it saved her “a bunch of money” and that she as well as everyone who sees it, “loves it!”

We love it when we hear that.

Her countertop was a “dated” green Formica and she needed to revamp it. She chose to use Natural White because as she said, “The lighting in my kitchen varies, because of window placement, and I knew I wanted my cabinets dark, so I went light.”

I love having seamless corners! I love the way the sunlight hits the minerals and they sparkle! The backsplash was easy, except behind my installed sink, but turned out great! Prep, be patient, don’t rush, sand, sand, sand! I did mine myself, and my husband is totally impressed. Deborah Ott


The after photo.

Remaking a kitchen backsplash with Marble Frost coating

Limestone Spreadstone
Before the backsplash makeover

Brandon Lyon a fan and DIY guy recently shared his testimonial and pictures on Facebook with us.

Limestone Spreadstone
Brandon used Limestone Spreadstone on the counters and Marble Frost wall tile refinishing kit for the kitchen backsplash

This stuff is awesome! Most people assume we replaced the entire backsplash with new stone tiles. People that see them really think we fully replaced them. It looks great.