Easy painting tips for your kitchen to complement your RollerRock Stone Color

Now that you’ve selected the RollerRock Stone Color for your kitchen countertops, it’s time to pick the right paint for your cabinets and walls to properly complement the new look for the heart of your home.

The lighting in your kitchen plays a key role in what the paint color will actually look like on various surfaces, so be sure to pay attention to the natural lighting in your kitchen and the hue it creates on walls and cabinet. Sunlight from the north is typically cooler and goes best with warm colors. Warm colors are made with orange, red, yellow and combinations of these, as The Spruce notes in “Design Basics: Understanding Warm Colors and Cool Colors.”

Artificial lighting also affects the way a paint color can look, so be sure to test plenty of samples to watch how it appears in different lightings before picking a final color. Better Home and Gardens and its “Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors” has great examples of how to work with light.

Also be sure to check out how the light plays on the texture of the RollerRock countertop, too. A more textured surface, such as a stone will absorb color and mute it whereas a flat surface tends to magnify the color brightly.

One color you can never go wrong with is the classic white. It’s no wonder white remains one of the most popular kitchen colors with the wide variety of shades available. Soft shades for your RollerRock countertop, such as Ivory or Natural White, are perfect for complementing with white cabinets and perhaps a white tile backsplash.

HGTV notes in its “Our 55 Favorite White Kitchens” that pops of colors, such as pastel yellows, blues or greens, can be easily be brought into a white kitchen with such simple pieces of art hanging on the walls and even kitchen towels.

Besides the countertop, cabinets will also be focal points in your kitchen. If your RollerRock countertop is a darker color, such as Harvest Moss or Lavarock, consider warmer colors for your cabinets as well, such as pastel greens or blues. Emily Fazio at the DIY Network also recommends picking colors that flatter your appliances. In her home where she had older, black appliances, she decided to stain all her cabinets dark brown. It was like magic, she said because the dark color made it as though her appliance had disappeared.

Remember, also, that dark colors tend to make a room appear smaller whereas brighter colors open up space more. Pastel yellows bring a splash of color that can readily complement an Ivory or Warm Gray RollerRock countertop.


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Fan DIY Project: Courtney Donlon’s White Stone Countertops

Courtney Donlon shared her DIY project – a counter top makeover, using Daich Coating’s RollerRock Natural White.

Oh my gosh I’m sooooo excited!!! Almost done with our new Daich Coatings white stone countertops!!! SOOO easy! From ugly tan to white and grey! Just gotta sand and put on finish coating. Perfect for when u don’t wanna spend the money on granite!

— Courtney Donlon, as posted on Facebook

Above: Before we started the project.

After 2 coats. Before sanding and finish coats.


After Sanding before finish coat.


“And the final product with finish coats put on! The specks are actual stone,” posted Courtney Donlon on Facebook.



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