Can Spreadstone be used on Integral Sinks?

We had a recent online question that we’d like to share here too.

Hi, we purchased the SpreadStone for our bathroom countertop and the sinks are integrated into the counter. Can the Spreadstone be applied to the sink? And if so, do we need to apply some sort of waterproofing? Thanks!

–Katie Gruesbeck Roseberry

Yes, you can apply it to the sink on an integrated countertop.

Use extra coating and sealer for the water prone areas. Optionally, you can apply our bonding primer (Elastolock) which comes in a quart. Use this primer before the first step, to bond to the tile and allow the coating to bond into the rubber well.


An example of an integral sink before applying SpreadStone.
The integral countertop after the application is complete.

Integral sinks are made from the same material as the countertop they are set into. The effect is the seamless appearance of a smooth transition from sink to surface. … The lack of a seam between the sink and countertop does make cleaning significantly easier. You can retain the same effect by coating the whole sink with SpreadStone

Fan DIY Project: Courtney Donlon’s White Stone Countertops

Courtney Donlon shared her DIY project – a counter top makeover, using Daich Coating’s RollerRock Natural White.

Oh my gosh I’m sooooo excited!!! Almost done with our new Daich Coatings white stone countertops!!! SOOO easy! From ugly tan to white and grey! Just gotta sand and put on finish coating. Perfect for when u don’t wanna spend the money on granite!

— Courtney Donlon, as posted on Facebook

Above: Before we started the project.

After 2 coats. Before sanding and finish coats.


After Sanding before finish coat.


“And the final product with finish coats put on! The specks are actual stone,” posted Courtney Donlon on Facebook.



One Spreadstone kit and a few days later – an “amazing transformation”

Deborah Ott, a Daich Coating fan, used our Spreadstone Countertop Refinishing Kitchen. Almost a year, a few holidays, and crafting projects later….looks and is performing great! One kit, 4 days, amazing transformation.

She told us on Facebook that, “almost a year, a few holidays, and crafting projects later…. [the countertop] looks and is performing great! One kit, 4 days, amazing transformation.”

Deborah Min-Wax Gel Stained her oak cabinets, did the countertops and hardware. She said it saved her “a bunch of money” and that she as well as everyone who sees it, “loves it!”

We love it when we hear that.

Her countertop was a “dated” green Formica and she needed to revamp it. She chose to use Natural White because as she said, “The lighting in my kitchen varies, because of window placement, and I knew I wanted my cabinets dark, so I went light.”

I love having seamless corners! I love the way the sunlight hits the minerals and they sparkle! The backsplash was easy, except behind my installed sink, but turned out great! Prep, be patient, don’t rush, sand, sand, sand! I did mine myself, and my husband is totally impressed. Deborah Ott


The after photo.

Remaking a kitchen backsplash with Marble Frost coating

Limestone Spreadstone
Before the backsplash makeover

Brandon Lyon a fan and DIY guy recently shared his testimonial and pictures on Facebook with us.

Limestone Spreadstone
Brandon used Limestone Spreadstone on the counters and Marble Frost wall tile refinishing kit for the kitchen backsplash

This stuff is awesome! Most people assume we replaced the entire backsplash with new stone tiles. People that see them really think we fully replaced them. It looks great.

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