How to Prep Your Ceramic Tile Floors and Countertops for a Resurfacing Stone Coating

The main challenge when applying any coating to synthetic or “man-made” surfaces, is the lack of surface texture and porous areas. Unlike concrete and wood, which have pores in the surface that invite penetration and anchoring of the coating, synthetic surfaces are often very smooth.

These steps should help you prep your tile floors or countertop for Daich spreadable stone products.

  1. Scuff with 40 grit sandpaper to break the glaze.
  2. Wash the floor or countertop to remove any debris.
  3. Roll on a uniform coat of ElastoLock as an adhesion promoter for coatings that will follow. Let it dry until the following day before proceeding.
  4. If the existing grout line pattern will be used on the floor, roll on a coat of Daich Textured Primer. After the primer has dried fully, mask off the grout lines with Daich Grout Line tape before applying your desired floor finish.
  5. If a new grout pattern (or seamless application for your floor or TILE SURFACE) is desired, skim coat the surface with polymer enhanced thinset. This will eliminate all previous grout lines for a new, flat surface.
  6. Proceed with the decorative Daich Coatings floor or countertop finish of your choice, as directed.

Easy painting tips for your kitchen to complement your RollerRock Stone Color

Now that you’ve selected the RollerRock Stone Color for your kitchen countertops, it’s time to pick the right paint for your cabinets and walls to properly complement the new look for the heart of your home.

The lighting in your kitchen plays a key role in what the paint color will actually look like on various surfaces, so be sure to pay attention to the natural lighting in your kitchen and the hue it creates on walls and cabinet. Sunlight from the north is typically cooler and goes best with warm colors. Warm colors are made with orange, red, yellow and combinations of these, as The Spruce notes in “Design Basics: Understanding Warm Colors and Cool Colors.”

Artificial lighting also affects the way a paint color can look, so be sure to test plenty of samples to watch how it appears in different lightings before picking a final color. Better Home and Gardens and its “Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors” has great examples of how to work with light.

Also be sure to check out how the light plays on the texture of the RollerRock countertop, too. A more textured surface, such as a stone will absorb color and mute it whereas a flat surface tends to magnify the color brightly.

One color you can never go wrong with is the classic white. It’s no wonder white remains one of the most popular kitchen colors with the wide variety of shades available. Soft shades for your RollerRock countertop, such as Ivory or Natural White, are perfect for complementing with white cabinets and perhaps a white tile backsplash.

HGTV notes in its “Our 55 Favorite White Kitchens” that pops of colors, such as pastel yellows, blues or greens, can be easily be brought into a white kitchen with such simple pieces of art hanging on the walls and even kitchen towels.

Besides the countertop, cabinets will also be focal points in your kitchen. If your RollerRock countertop is a darker color, such as Harvest Moss or Lavarock, consider warmer colors for your cabinets as well, such as pastel greens or blues. Emily Fazio at the DIY Network also recommends picking colors that flatter your appliances. In her home where she had older, black appliances, she decided to stain all her cabinets dark brown. It was like magic, she said because the dark color made it as though her appliance had disappeared.

Remember, also, that dark colors tend to make a room appear smaller whereas brighter colors open up space more. Pastel yellows bring a splash of color that can readily complement an Ivory or Warm Gray RollerRock countertop.


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4 reasons to seal your driveway

Sealing your driveway may not be necessary, but it goes a long way in ensuring long-lasting curb appeal. Here are four easy steps to making sure your home is one of the best maintained on the block with just that first glance as people drive by or when family and friends walk by it as they come in your home for a visit.

  1. Bright and clean is best, and Daich floor coatings can easily be used to seal your concrete driveway to protect it from fading. Rain, sunshine and other weather easily mar a concrete driveways appearance. Angie’s List explains that by sealing your driveway, you can preserve the original concrete color and aesthetic for many years at a time.
  2. Pressure washing is made so much easier with a sealed driveway. By sealing your driveway you make it much easier to clean oil or other liquids from the driveway because the sealant keeps the liquid from seeping into the concrete. No one likes a black splotch from an oil leak to forever mark their concrete driveway. With a sealed driveway, the oil can more easily be washed away without it seeping into the actual concrete. Daich has an easy-to-follow FAQ that addresses just about any questions about the reasons to seal concrete driveways and other concrete walkways.
  3. When you seal your driveway, you also seal any small holes or existing cracks. The sealant then prevents rain or other water from seeping into those holes or cracks and freezing during cold temperatures and prevents more and bigger cracks from spreading protecting against a pitted surface. stresses the importance of sealing your driveway for many reasons, among them to protect it from freeze-thaw damage.
  4. The Daich sealant also provides a textured surface that you can control when applying, which in turn provides a slip-resistant surface that makes it safer to walk on, even when wet. Your UPS driver will be grateful when delivering those holiday packages in the snow when her boots can easily grip your wet or snowy driveway.

Sealing your driveway is a fairly easy and inexpensive process that goes a long way in increasing the longevity of your home and provides a great return on your investment.  And it’s sure to gain a seal of approval from family and neighbors as they admire the quality work.


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Using Spreadstone Mineral Select to Coat Tile Countertop Surfaces

Ceramic tile countertops offer homeowners many benefits, however, they can become dirty and cracked with age.  Instead of incurring the cost of completely redoing the countertops, homeowners have an option to update them to look like granite with Daich Coatings’ Spreadstone Mineral Select.

Using this product will coat the entire tile and prevent water penetration (and potential damage) in the future.   Spreadstone Mineral Select is a great choice for your tile countertops because it has excellent long-term durability with both heat and stain resistance and is a cost-effective way to get a new countertop.

Coating your tile countertop surfaces with Spreadstone Mineral Select is an effective process that creates the look of a granite slab.  If you have tile countertops that were installed years ago and are looking a little worse for the wear, our coating is a great way to replace them with a durable strong surface that has the appearance and elegance of real granite.  You can undo years of wear and tear in one weekend.

Spreadstone is a mix of combined stone ingredients and comes in 10 natural stone colors to choose from.  The finished look gives the elegance of speckled granite that homeowners love.  It offers a high level of performance that will last for several years.

Applying the Coating

The easy 3 part process is accomplished with fast and easy roller applications:  Base Coat, Stone Coat, and Clear Top Coat.  Follow these easy steps to get the best results:

  1. Make sure the tile countertop is clean of any dust, debris, wax, or grease that may keep the sealer from penetrating the tiles. Use a damp cloth and multi purpose cleaner and let the surfaces dry completely.
  2. Protect your cabinets, sink, and walls by masking off any part that meets with the countertop surfaces, just as you would if you were painting.
  3. The first step is to apply the base (or primer) coat with the roller. Use long even strokes to distribute the product evenly. Tip:  Wait 30 minutes between the two base coats.
  4. Apply two uniform coats of the decorative stone mix with the roller. You can use the brush for hard-to-reach areas.  Since this product is water-based, there is no need to rush. Tip:  Use a repetitive, crisscross pattern for the best appearance.  Let cure for 24 hours.
  5. Refine the stone finish by sanding. Your goal should be to scratch the entire surface.  This helps to expose the stone’s granite-like finish.  Vacuum the dust from sanding and wipe down with a damp cloth.
  6. The last step is applying the clear coat with the roller.  Apply a second coat after 4 hours.  Wait 24 hours before using your countertops, and use lightly for the next subsequent 7 days.  Once you are finished, your sealed countertops will last a few years.

Cost Savings

Redoing a kitchen is one of the highest cost renovations in a home, and yet one of the most-used rooms in a house.  If you want to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money, coating the tile countertop is one way to refresh the look of the entire room.  Those who are on a renovation budget but like the look of natural stone will find this alternative to be a good choice.

If you want to change the look of your entire kitchen in just one weekend, and at an affordable cost, Daich Coatings’ Spreadstone Mineral Select is the way to go.  To see all of our coating color options, visit our website at

Gary Sullivan on SpreadStone

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RollerRock Garage Floor Transformation with the Carey Brothers [Video]

America’s knowledgeable DIY favorites, the Carey Brothers, transform a grimy looking garage floor with a lasting new stone finish that will stand up to daily use and abuse.

RollerRock is more than just a beautiful and weather-resistant decorative coating for exterior concrete. It’s also a super-tough and attractive new answer for demanding garage floors too!

Watch the Carey Brothers do wonders for a tired looking garage floor in a weekend.