Using Terrazzo on Concrete Surfaces, including Garage Floors and Pool Decks

Concrete is often the flooring of choice for garage floors and pool decks because it is able to withstand heavy traffic and abrasion.  However, after years of use, tire traffic, and exposure to the elements, even concrete can crack and wear.   A coating such as Daich Coatings’ Terrazzo can protect your garage floor or pool deck’s surface as well as make it easier to maintain and improve its appearance.

What is a Terrazzo Floor?

Terrazzo is a type of flooring that consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite or glass, and has been in existence for centuries.  In fact, these floors that still exist today in buildings in Europe, Middle East, and the Far East are still beautiful and serviceable.  Terrazzo floors are admired for their sustainability.   And, their design is one that never goes out of style.

Easy to Apply

If you would like to mimic the look of this type of flooring, Daich Coatings’ Terrazzo coating is very simple to apply, with no need for a primer or sealer.   It can easily be done in an afternoon.  One of the best things about this product is that it dries quickly.  In just four hours, you can be ready to apply the second coat.


Applying a Terrazzo coating to the concrete surfaces in your home, particularly the garage and pool deck, will help protect them from excessive use.  Your concrete floor will be less likely to crack with a coating on the surface.   And, they will last longer, making this a cost-effective project.

Skid Resistant

One of the disadvantages of real Terrazzo floors is that they are extremely slippery.  Daich Coatings’ Terrazzo, however, is skid resistant.  This makes it an excellent choice for a pool deck, which can become slippery when water splashes out of the pool, or it rains.

UV Resistant

Another benefit of this product is that it is resistant to UV rays.  Pool decks fade and crack due to the constant heat from the sun.  Garage floors that are exposed to sunlight can crack, as well.  Two coats and your concrete surface will look better than when it was new.

Stain and Chemical Resistant

Concrete surfaces like pool decks and garage floors are subject to staining due to chemicals and water.   It is almost impossible to keep skid marks off of a garage floor.  However, all you need to do is apply a cleaner and wipe the tire marks away as if they were never there.  This product will keep your surface looking clean and new.

Improved Appearance

A plain concrete slab around a pool, especially one that is stained or cracked, is not too pleasing to look at.  Adding a terrazzo coating gives the pool a brand new look and adds style to the entire area.  A garage floor can be updated as well with a terrazzo coating and will result in a glossy finish.  Daich’s Terrazzo comes in three colors to enhance any concrete surface and matches the surrounding décor:  ivory, tan or gray.

With just two coats of Daich Coatings’ Terrazzo mix, your concrete surface will be completely transformed and protected from the elements.  To update your garage floor or pool deck today, visit our website at


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