Using Spreadstone Mineral Select to Coat Tile Countertop Surfaces

Ceramic tile countertops offer homeowners many benefits, however, they can become dirty and cracked with age.  Instead of incurring the cost of completely redoing the countertops, homeowners have an option to update them to look like granite with Daich Coatings’ Spreadstone Mineral Select.

Using this product will coat the entire tile and prevent water penetration (and potential damage) in the future.   Spreadstone Mineral Select is a great choice for your tile countertops because it has excellent long-term durability with both heat and stain resistance and is a cost-effective way to get a new countertop.

Coating your tile countertop surfaces with Spreadstone Mineral Select is an effective process that creates the look of a granite slab.  If you have tile countertops that were installed years ago and are looking a little worse for the wear, our coating is a great way to replace them with a durable strong surface that has the appearance and elegance of real granite.  You can undo years of wear and tear in one weekend.

Spreadstone is a mix of combined stone ingredients and comes in 10 natural stone colors to choose from.  The finished look gives the elegance of speckled granite that homeowners love.  It offers a high level of performance that will last for several years.

Applying the Coating

The easy 3 part process is accomplished with fast and easy roller applications:  Base Coat, Stone Coat, and Clear Top Coat.  Follow these easy steps to get the best results:

  1. Make sure the tile countertop is clean of any dust, debris, wax, or grease that may keep the sealer from penetrating the tiles. Use a damp cloth and multi purpose cleaner and let the surfaces dry completely.
  2. Protect your cabinets, sink, and walls by masking off any part that meets with the countertop surfaces, just as you would if you were painting.
  3. The first step is to apply the base (or primer) coat with the roller. Use long even strokes to distribute the product evenly. Tip:  Wait 30 minutes between the two base coats.
  4. Apply two uniform coats of the decorative stone mix with the roller. You can use the brush for hard-to-reach areas.  Since this product is water-based, there is no need to rush. Tip:  Use a repetitive, crisscross pattern for the best appearance.  Let cure for 24 hours.
  5. Refine the stone finish by sanding. Your goal should be to scratch the entire surface.  This helps to expose the stone’s granite-like finish.  Vacuum the dust from sanding and wipe down with a damp cloth.
  6. The last step is applying the clear coat with the roller.  Apply a second coat after 4 hours.  Wait 24 hours before using your countertops, and use lightly for the next subsequent 7 days.  Once you are finished, your sealed countertops will last a few years.

Cost Savings

Redoing a kitchen is one of the highest cost renovations in a home, and yet one of the most-used rooms in a house.  If you want to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money, coating the tile countertop is one way to refresh the look of the entire room.  Those who are on a renovation budget but like the look of natural stone will find this alternative to be a good choice.

If you want to change the look of your entire kitchen in just one weekend, and at an affordable cost, Daich Coatings’ Spreadstone Mineral Select is the way to go.  To see all of our coating color options, visit our website at

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